People get turned on by all kinds of things. Other people. Sexy people. Pop stars. Food. Hamsters. Sexy hamsters. Architecture. Music. Reading. Shopping. Cheese.
What I’ve designed is a laser cut and etched sculptural lamp, to make reading your favourite book a sensual experience. A lamp to be turned on, and to turn you on; to get you and your literature lit, literally.
You’ll find the lamp has a number of clear-cut shapes in the form of Bumble Bee wings. The reason for this? Purely due to personal fascination. Fun Fact: Bees are a scientific bafflement. They should not technically be able to fly, as their wings are far too small for their body; defying gravity itself. Bees and their wings are incredibly small, meaning people will often miss their beauty and complexity. Using that idea on an everyday household item was the initial idea. It aided me to create something to appear both fragile and beautiful, yet physically hard and brittle. An interesting combination.
The branding explores and initiates a visual conversation through light, colour and form. The language and bold colours used, interlace symbiotically, to capture your attention. Although the target market was initially for millennials I hope that anyone and everyone can love it.
This lamp has breached a gap between people and nature, offering a glimpse into a micro world. What lies before you is something beautiful, fun and pleasing to your eyeballs. It’s bound to put a smile on your face.
Please enjoy it...Literally.
This project was a Finalist in the 2018 New Zealand Best Awards. (Graphic Design)
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